No Essay College Scholarships

Published: 21st October 2009
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Going to college? Check out this list of no essay scholarships. Apply for financial aid more efficiently by knocking out 10 applications in 10 minutes. Don't waste your time on long papers when you can increase your chances by applying to a disproportionate amount of awards that don't require essays. Every day thousands of college and high school students spend their valuable time making their cases for a myriad scholarships. The extremely competitive situation means only a handful of the applicants will receive any awards. College is important for young people today because it gives them a chance to expand on the fields they care about rather than having to divide their efforts among every topic in high school. Enter no essay scholarships. These easy scholarship applications are the holy grail of award opportunity. A student can complete scholarships without essays far faster than he would be able to apply for similar awards with essay requirements. Many of these essayless scholarships are also low gpa scholarships, allowing students who may not be the best in school to still have a chance at financial aid. In todays world, it is important for young people to go to college in order to make educated daily decisions. These decisions include recycling, living sustainable, and living a healthy, active lifestyle. The benefits of these choices include, but are not limited to: lowering greenhouse gas emissions, saving natural resources for future generations, and living a longer, happier life. These daily decisions turn into habit, which is then passed on to the next generation, and continue on for mulitple generations thereafter. Therefore, high school students need to act with haste if they want to take advantage of free college scholarships. With the worlds population getting close 7 billion, we all need to learn to live sustainably so that we, as a society, do not exceed the earths carrying capacity and that future generations will be able to enjoy the same benefits we enjoy today. The best way for society to become educated about the impacts each of our decisions make, is to go to college and start making these decisions at a young age.

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